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    Import MediaWiki markup into JIVE


      Is it possible to import MediaWiki markup into JIVE, or must it be transformed to html first?

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          I've not heard of any way to import that markup, no. You'll have to transform it into HTML first.

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              Hi Matt,


              Thanks for the reply. The reason i ask is that i need to import some data from MediaWiki and also that in the import validation schema it comes up as one of the supported contentFormats, see below. I was hoping that it would work, but wanted to check with someone first as on wikipedia it states that MediaWiki format is no longer supported.


              Jive (software) - Wikipedia

              "Note that Jive no longer supports wiki markup language[8]"


              From the Jive import schema (migration.xsd):


                <xs:simpleType name="contentFormat">

                  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

                    <xs:enumeration value="Unknown"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="Jive"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="JiveTileConfig"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="JiveStaticUrl"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="HTML"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="BBCode"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="Creole"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="MediaWiki"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="Telligent"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="Lithium"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="IBMCx"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="Salesforce"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="FuseTalk"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="JiveForums"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="PlainText"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="Drupal"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="BrightIdea"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="WordPress"/>

                    <xs:enumeration value="JiveDaily"/>