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    unable to open attachment


      Hi Jive Experts!


      I have posted a word document (and within, there are many PDFs), in a group that are visible to external contributors.


      I can download the word document.

      But I am not able to open the PDFs.

      Here's what it says:


      Must I do something to the settings or so, in order to be able to view the PDFs?

      Let me know what other information is needed.


      Thank you in advance helpful souls!

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          Dina Vekaria

          Hi! To confirm, you have a word document and you have links to PDFs within that document? Or have you attached the PDFs to the Jive document you created? Happy to get on a quick conference call with you, so you can screen share with me and we can troubleshoot or figure out a workaround.

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              Hi Dina Vekaria!

              Yes, I have a word documents and I have links to PDFs within that document.

              I did not attach any PDF to the Jive document I have created.


              Here's the thing. I can open the word document (and the PDFs within the word doc) on any computer.

              But after I upload the word document to Jive, I am not able to open the PDFs within the uploaded word doc.


              I am located in Singapore (GMT +8). Based on the time of your reply, I'm pretty sure we have some hours apart.

              Happy to connect on Monday!


              Not quite sure we could do a screen share based on the firewall policies of my company. Let me know if there's any other things I could do!

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                  Dina Vekaria

                  It may be something to do with security. I'm not sure of the answer as it's getting a bit technical for me, but i do have a workaround.


                  Upload the PDF's in the group or space in your community. Create a Jive document in that community and @mention the PDF's. Unless you're uploading the word document, rather than creating it for a specific reason?


                  Libby, have you come across this type of issue? Anyone at Jive we can @mention to help Emily?

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                      Hi Dina


                      We have 8-10 PDFs  that we have already collated them onto a word document [which is why we are not re-creating it on Jive) as they belong in a pack. i.e. these are 8 compulsory forms to fill up, hence we put them together.

                      As we are using the same for when we print it out in hardcopies (and send it across to the other party), we do not wish to have a differentiation when it comes to the outlook of the docs.


                      So essentially, when somebody sees this page, they can match against this word document, to see that they have completed all the PDFs (by being able to open the PDFs once they click on it).

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                      Kara Francis

                      Did you say that the PDFs are also uploaded to Jive (as opposed to another internal web site)?  Are they stored in the same place as the Word document?  Can you share a sample of the HTML hyperlink used in the Word document to reference those PDFs?

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                          Hi Kara Francis!


                          Nope, the PDFs are not uploaded to Jive.

                          As to whether they are stored in the same place as the Word document...... maybe I can explain how they are attached onto the Word doc.

                          From my word doc, I went to Insert Object --> Create from File --> Browse to select my desired PDF from my network drive --> Display as icon.

                          **I did not tick "Link to File" as doing so will not allow me to open the PDFs outside of the network.

                          P.S. Have tried sending to my personal mail to open (when the file was smaller) at home, and it is possible. Hence, it should allow us to open when we upload on Jive.


                          Unable to share sample of the HTML hyperlink because there's no link as mentioned above.


                          I was hoping it was some settings issues that could easily be resolved..

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                      Libby Taylor

                      I don't have an answer. I do think you should submit a case in your support group because this behavior you are seeing is unexpected. If you don't want to submit a case yet, please submit your question in Jive Training and Support Resources. Thanks!

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                        Hi Emily,


                        Would a workaround for you for the time being be helpful if you recreated the word document as a document in Jive, then attached the PDFs to it? from what I can see the maximum allowed attachments on a document is 30 and it can be up to 50MB. you can attach a PDF directly without uploading it.


                        examples of what i mean:

                        this button to attach on a jive document -


                        and here is the attachment piece showing the limits -


                        Hope this helps

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                          Libby Taylor

                          You know, I just reread your question... if you have PDF files referenced within a Word Doc, that's probably the issue. Those native PDF files are likely being referenced offline somewhere since they are not truly embedded but only referenced in your doc. You would need to attach them all to your Jive doc (not embed them within a Word doc). Is that your situation?

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                            I have the same issue. Thanks.