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    Is there a standard / benchmark rate at which you would expect users to accrue points based on standard Jive Rewards settings?

    laurenpoole Advanced



      We are looking to use the Jive rewards leaderboard to work out which of our users are using Jive the most and which the least. We also want to look at how quickly people move up the levels from the day they join.


      I wondered if anyone has looked at this before and whether there is any standard/benchmark for where you would expect users to be after a certain amount of time e.g. after 6 months they should be at least at level 1, after 1 year they should be at least at level 2 etc.


      We are cloud customers and are using the standard configuration of Jive Rewards with the default levels and number of points for each event i.e. we have not changed them since first enabling Jive Rewards.


      Any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated.