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    How to best create a wiki page? What tiles are best?


      Hi there,


      We want to create an internal Wiki-Page to explain specicfic terms and abbreviations that are used in our business. I am not sure however, how to best build & structure such a Wiki area. Can you help by providing some best practices, tipps and tricks?


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          Hi, Kathrin. We have a group dedicated to all of the acronyms used in our company. The way we set it up was using Activity + Pages, with wide left, narrow right layout. In the left column, we have a Document Viewer Tile with a document that tells you about the group and how best to use it. Below that is a Recent Content Tile. In the right column, we have a Helpful Links tile that directs users to a related group about business vocabulary. Below that is a Categories Tile. We've set up categories 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, etc., for the entire alphabet, so each acronym goes into its lettered category, which is easy to quickly scan to find the acronym you are trying to define.

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            Kathrin Urbach  I noticed you added this question to a training course. This would be better viewed if I move it to either the Internal or External community spaces. I'll move it and share this thread with both communities since I think it could easily apply to both and I'm sure our customers will have a lot of ideas for you.

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              Kara Francis

              About how many terms and abbreviations do you anticipate?


              Depending on the length, you maybe could leverage a single document that uses headings and a Table of Contents or you might need multiple pages and use tags and categories like Maren Beckman suggests.  One thing I haven't been sure of myself is do we tag this wiki page with every single term that we are mentioning in the wiki page itself.I'll admit I haven't done that. but maybe I should.


              We use the "styles" feature in the Rich Text Editor to create the sections of our terms and abbreviations wiki.  Then we alphabetize the terms.  We then add a built-in Table of Contents feature so people can quickly jump to the term they are looking for.


              I'm torn on whether to use a table format or not for a wiki.  I've done it both ways.  The mobile experience sometimes is an issue with tables - they don't always adjust how you'd expect and people need to scroll over to see stuff)


              On a wiki page where we want others to update it directly, we include a brief instructions section so people know how to edit and where to input their entry.  We then monitor it regularly.  But you can also set it up where only a few people can edit it and people need to comment on the document in order to request that an entry be added.  (you could also set it up to require approval if you are want a moderation process)