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    Development SANDBOX is caching! the tile > not able to develop this way?


      I have the development sandbox for myself within Jive development up-and-running. Nice. At least that's what I thought: Now I can start developing without touching our production server before an custom-made addon is ready for production. So I though.


      But I found out sadly that the development sandbox is caching as well! I am not able to develop this way because as soon as I change the source code in the e.g. view.html I won't see the changes in my development sandbox as the tile source code is being cached!


      I know if this is set in the configuration:


      jive.apps.cache-control.default = false

      jive.apps.cache-control.enabled = true

      jive.devMode = true


      the tile sourcecode won't be cached and you really can develop your own addon / custom view tile using the development sandbox.


      Can somebody:


      1. Tell me if the caching can be disabled on the development sandbox for a user or system wide so I and the rest can really start to develop?

      2. An alternative way of being able to change the source code of your e.g. view.html and seeing the changes directly on the system?