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    Make Tiles/Add ons accessible by only certain communities/groups?




      is it possible to restrict custom tile add on use to certain spaces/groups?





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          For tiles, there is no way to restrict their visibility in the Tile palette.  At best, you can bake in a configuration step to the Tile which then can validate  permissions either in Jive (or call external services) to allow the Tile to function.

          another option to consider is developing an App Tab contribution for a place ... with meta-data (or permission group membership) that restricts visibility.  If you go this route, it is very similar to a Custom Tile Page with 1 Tile at 100% Width ... any UI customization you do is internalized into your app view.  The draw back though is that if you are doing composite dashboards with other Tiles, then this becomes less attractive as an option.

          In short, there is a way to prevent the Tiles from being used by the wrong people....just depends on which requirements you need to support.

          Hope that helps.
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