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    Add more than four widgets to my homepage?


      I would like to edit the Homepage of our Jive community. Unfortunately i cannot add more than four widgets to the page. It is possible to add lots of tiles on the sites of our homepage, but in the center of the page, i cannot add any more new widgets. Is there a possibilty to deal with this problem?

      I have already tried the simple settings, but i can add these widgets only to subsites such as the activity page. Anyway i need them urgently on the homepage, where we already have placed four other widgets (picture gallery etc.)

      Even as an administrator i don't find any settings which could help me.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          could you by any chance take a screenshot to show how your problem looks? also which version of Jive are you running? i am on Jive 8 and on the side of the widget library when i choose manage > overview i can see a layout selection. maybe that is causing the issues you are having? also if you are using the activity page, you can only post tiles on the right side if i am not mistaken. We tend to use the overview pages so we can make the site more dynamic.