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    Jive 9.0.0 document conversion


      We are now testing Jive 9.0.0.


      And we found that at least in some cases previewing a Powerpoint file in HTML5 can kill the webapp.

      We are able to reproduce this 100% of the time, so the debug process should be easy.


      The only variation seems to be the point at which the webapp dies.

      In some cases opening a page with a Powerpoint file is enough to kill the webapp.

      In others you can view the page, but the webapp dies after you click on preview.

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          Hi jacques,


          I have reviewed through your description and have run through some local testing of this behavior, however have not been able to replicate the behavior you describe above. As such I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group as a next step for additional investigation by the next available member of our support team. When submitting the case if you could please include the following information it should assist with their investigation.


          1. An example PPT file that is causing the behavior

          2. Does this occur with other file types (.doc, .xls, pdf) or is it limited to PPT files