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    Advocates Program: Private Group or Private Space?


      We're looking to host our advocates program in Jive (currently in Influitive). Can anyone provide some advice around setting this up as a private group or a private space? Does it need to be a group to use the rewards console effectively?

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          Stephanie Standring

          Hey Kristen, Not sure about the rewards part, we are learning more about that in the Rewards webinar next week. But we use a group for our Advocates program and we currently have the Nitro Studio.


          We used the group for 2 reasons. 1) we needed it for tracking the membership, and I think that is easier to do in a group. 2) Groups are the only places in our community that are allowed privacy permissions. We limit who can set up spaces and they have to be open and public to all.


          I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions on our program or how we have it setup. J

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            As far as JIVE Rewards... the term 'advocates' refers to the type of quest. Jive rewards categorizes quests by general, on-boarding, or advocate. General and on-boarding quests are meant to be available to all members (assuming you don't have any specific filters/conditions). When you configure JIVE Rewards and enable the ability to create advocate quests, it will prompt you to associate these quests with one specific group. All this means is that advocate-quests are only visible to those who are members of the group (not spaces). If you have a group called advocates, great. But otherwise, you can associate advocate-quests with any group in your community. At this time, you cannot associate advocate quests with different groups. It's JIVE's way of creating specialty quests for a specific set of users.


            Of course, you can always create general quests associate certain trigger events with a specific place or group, but the quest will still be available/seen by all members of the community.


            I hope that makes sense.


            I also attended the webinar... so hopefully, my understanding is accurate.

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