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    Why can I not delete a topic I created?


      I posted a topic that I would like to delete. But I don't see that option. Someone has replied. Is that the reason?


      If I need to have it removed, can a community moderator do that for me? I've created a case, but that seems like a waste of support's time, if they even have those rights.


      Thanks for any help!

        • Re: Why can I not delete a topic I created?

          Are you talking about a discussion here on this community or your community you manage?


          If someone has replied then I would think that would be the reason you couldn't delete it.  Did the person answer your question? Is the question potentially valuable to someone else? I'd leave it if you can say yes to either of those questions.


          You could always mark the item as abuse and reason why you don't want it there.  I'm of the belief though that if someone responded it should be deleted because that takes away from the person who took the time to respond to you.