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    Who is using Microsoft Office365 with Jive? What about Microsoft Teams (coming 2017)?

    moby Jive SME

      Hi - the Jive Predictions for 2017 Part 2: Enterprise Collaborations poll reminds me that Microsoft is rolling out more collaborative features (and more clicks to get to them) in their Teams and Planner products, and these integrate with their Dynamics product to build a sales workflow.


      Are you using Office365 with Jive?

      Are you pointing your groups' storage at SharePoint Online?

      What did you do with Yammer?

      What are your plans as Teams and Planner arrive?


      So too has gone Google Apps with their new Sites rollout and their recent "blessing" of Asana. Sites is still a glorified web-page design tool. Asana continues to lead the pack as one of the best-in-class for task and ad-hoc project management tools. With their new "boards" template, they are after Trello and Basecamp. Todoist's outlook integration is still ahead of the pack. Scribblepost tries a different tack. And of course Slack and Workplace focus on messaging as the core of collaboration although those folks are becoming weary of "having to say something" instead of "having something to say".