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    Is there a userid url equivalent?


      When I look for users in the admin I can see their USERID. I am wondering if there is a front-end url equivalent that will redirect to the username URL?


      In admin I see http://subdomain.jiveon.com/admin/user-messages.jsp?user=2033

      So I would like to visit a url like http://subdomain.jiveon.com/people/user=2033 > and it should redirect to http://subdomain.jiveon.com/people/agraham or show the same profile without redirecting.


      This way I can go through accounts sequentially and check for hiding spammers. We also have an Integer based ID from a legacy system that we're hoping to tie in.  Wondering if a URL could be created that redirects to the /people/username URL.

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          Hi Mark Schwanke,


          For the front end, there are a couple of userid accessible "profile page" however, they will not redirect to the username URL nor will they appear quite the same as the one you see when navigating to a user's profile directly. For this you should be able to navigate to one of the following formatted URLs



          Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.18.55 AM.png


          Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.18.38 AM.png


          Additionally, you might find the following options helpful:


          1. As an admin account you should have access to this via the following type of URL jiveURL/admin/admin/editUserProfile!input.jspa?userId={userid}

          2. This can also be obtained through the Jive REST API v3.14 → Person service for example - jiveURL/api/core/v3/people/{userid}



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