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    SAML Migration



      We are in process of decommissioning the current ADFS server where SSO with Jive is currently configured.


      The new ADFS server has a different set of certificate and public name, therefore these details need to be updated in Jive.


      I had a look at the online and the current configuration and have 2 questions:


      - Under People / settings / Single Sign-on, in the Metadata tab, there is no option to point to a metadata file nor to a URL. Therefore the only option that’s left is to copy paste the content of the metadata file directly. However, in doing so, the formatting seems to be altered, do you have a suggestion on how to do it?


      - Is there a specific page or setting for the configuration of the SP. I would like to confirm the authentication process to make sure we can migrate to the new server smoothly.


      I created a local used just in case there is some authentication issue via SSO, however, I'm not sure how I can actually use this local account to access the Jive Admin Console.


      Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.