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    Intermittent API Performance Issue


      Relias Learning uses Jive to power our RL Connect application; as part of the single-sign on process, we make at least 3 API calls to ensure that the Jive user, organization and member location exist for the logged in user. The API endpoints that we use are as follows (we use Basic authentication):








      What we have seen for the past few days is that these API calls are intermittently very slow (up to 15 - 30 seconds each), which causes major delays for our users. Our New Relic monitoring is reporting average call duration of 2 - 3 seconds, however, the standard deviation is very high (in the order of 10 seconds). I am able to reproduce this issue manually through Postman as well, though only on the first request for a given user (I assume there is some caching on the Jive side because calling the API again for the same user is fast).


      In terms of volume, our organization has 400k + users in Jive and we make up to 30-45 API calls per minute (mostly using the endpoints provided above).


      Is there a known performance issue for the Jive API? Is this something Jive Engineering can also track on their side? Are we using the API is a way that is not best practice?


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Eddie Kovalik

      Software Development Manager

      Relias Learning