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    Include sub-spaces in a super list URL specification


      Hey folks,


      Super lists are a useful feature in Jive. I'm running into a problem with a specific use case and looking for suggestions?


      We are using Jive to store a large amount of technical content, and our material is organized hierarchically reflecting how our employees & customers would expect to find information. (by application / LOB / product etc ..) -  At the "leaf nodes" in our hierarchy of spaces, we cover very specific topics - at the top level, content is hopelessly general and non-specific.


      We are using Jive successfully to manage Q&As  - questions to be useful, need to be asked at the right level. Challenge is that the same question can have different meanings and need different answers depending on the context (at what level it is asked).


      We wish to present a super list in a tile that shows questions that appear in a current space as well as all the subordinate spaces. For example - if a space is specific to a product family, and there are sub-spaces, representing products within that product family, we would ideally likely to be able to create a tile that shows questions pertaining to the parent space (product family) as well as the sub-spaces (products)


      When we use the Super list feature in Jive to create a tile where we present Q&A activity for a space, the URL looks something like this:




      Question: Is there anyway we can construct a URL like the one above that includes objects not only in the current space, but sub-spaces as well?


      In a perfect world there would be a checkbox that says "include sub-spaces in view" or something to that effect. Maybe a "browseViewID" with the the value "placeContentRecursive"


      Detailed question I know - We all have different use cases, but I think this must be a useful capability that would benefit other Jive customers also?


      Thanks - appreciate any thoughts or ideas.


      Sincrerely, Gord.


      (including my colleagues who have the same question Mark Cafiero Neeharika Nagisetty Chris Jennings)