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    moderation notice?


      I have a user who has asked for moderation notices, so she can approve everything that is posted in her space. i had gone into permissions and made sure that she had full control as well as moderation privileges, but she tells me that she does not receive any notifications when there is something in her moderation queue. I have even told her to check her preferences to see if the option for moderation notifications was off but it was on...


      I do not know what else I could do in this situation...does anyone have any ideas?

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          Libby Taylor

          Sounds like it's not quite working the way it's supposed to. Do you have the ability to submit a support case?

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            When you say "moderation notices", do you mean notification in her Jive Inbox or an email notification. If the latter, is she seeing the moderation queue / notification on the Inbox page?


            If she's not seeing moderation notifications in Jive, she might need to set the Moderation settings on the space itself. In addition to adding Moderators, you need to specify which content types are subject to moderation in order for the content to actually be held for moderation.

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              I may be missing something here... I have it set so that a specific person has moderation access on a particular space, but she does not get moderation notices until AFTER she moderates an upload, then it gets sent to me to moderate as well. has anyone else experienced this?


              i think I was giving conflicting permissions. when i gave this user an override on the space, i checked off full control as well as moderate. I then went to document management and set the same user as a moderator. I noticed that their avatar disappeared, so that may have been a sign that I was mixing signals, so to speak.


              I hope I am right about this...