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    How do you stay calm?

    Toby Metcalf

      Good day everyone,

      Community managers are all about establishing and managing relationships: both good and bad.  If we are not patting people on the back, we are calming them down and that can be challenging.

      I found this great tweet from The Community Roundtable (@TheCR on Twitter) and want to share it here.

      How would you respond? Please share here and engage on Twitter.






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          I've learned over the years that it is better to bide my time and wait for the right opportunity than to try and fix/fight something head on. In fact, as I've aged I started to use push back as an important piece of feedback that I'm taking the wrong approach. If it's too hard, it's too hard for a reason - time to think differently.


          This sometimes, I think, makes me seem less driven than peers but I think they just don't understand my approach. I am going to get what I want in the end, make not mistake about it.... but I won't put my head through a wall to do it. If I listen, ask probing questions, pull the right people into the conversation I can orchestrate what I want, without telling people what to do - or without people even realize that I orchestrated it. The art of community management, if you will

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