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    Leaderboard example for community?


      What are the good leaderboard example? Please share some thoughts. We are implementing gamification in our communites and looking for some good leaderboard format which we can use in our community home page?

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          Dina Vekaria-Patel

          Oli, you seen any good gamification leaderboards that you can suggest?

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            Oliver Beirne



            For Jive, the options vary depending on which type of gamification program you are using:


            • For hosted and on-premise communities, the Bunchball module has a leaderboard widget that can be dropped onto any overview page (homepage/space/group)
            • For cloud communities there is a leaderboard tile which can be dropped onto any Activity and custom page (including the homepage if News is enabled). There is also a leaderboard homepage that be accessed by adding /rewards/leaderboards to your community URL.


            There's not really any variation you can set on leaderboards in terms of look and feel. Which version of Jive are on you on and which gamification module do you have/are thinking of using?



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