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    Jive RSS feed authentication issue


      Hi Guys,


      I am working on a Tile to display events in customized view, within that tile, I am loading 'Upcoming Events Rss Feed' from the same jive instance.


      code in view.js of tile which is used to load rss feed:


           type: "GET",

           url: "https://mdsol-sandbox.jiveon.com/view-browse-feed.jspa?filterID=all~objecttype~objecttype[event]~event[upcoming]&browseS… ",

           dataType: "xml",

           success: function (xml) {

                $(xml).find('item').each(function () {         






      It works fine, but the problem is:


      The user is already logged in to that jive instance, when user goes to that page where that tile is used, it ask for login credentials again?


      If the user is already logged in to the jive instance, why it ask again for login detail (may be because of the feed XML used ?)


      Is there any authentication variables I need to pass while loading the xml ?


      Thanks and Advance!