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    What is the best way to share external events?


      I have a community/group that is all about market intelligence and knowledge around an industry. There are lots of events out there on the web. My question to my peer community managers is:


      What is the best way to share these external events into the group? Here are my options:


      Option 1: Jive Anywhere them in

           Benefits: quick, goes to content, can tag and superlist them (and I think the Jive anywhere content goes to Daily stream)

           Negatives: they don't appear in the Events tab / can't share event to another group


      Option 2: Create 'Events' in the group

           Benefits: appear in Events tab / we see who is planning to attend / appear in Upcoming Events tile / go to Daily stream

           Negatives: user might click YES and think they are registered / takes more time for community manager to create event


      Any other ideas? Appreciate input from peers.