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    Adding multiple users to a Group through API


      I want to add a group of list of members to a group using an API REST Client, however i only manage to get the initial user added and the subsequent users listed are not added.
      Below is the actual Raw Payload (Application/Json) i POST:



      Raw Payload:
      {       "person" : "
             "state" : "member" }
      , {   "person" : "
      https://xxx.xxx/api/core/v3/people/15799 ",      
      "state" : "member" }   

      I know i need to create an array, however, i don;t know how to encompass the Person and State fields within the array. If i run the payload as listed above, only user 15799 will be added all the other ones above it are not added.

      Thank you in advance,