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    Community name change - how did you do it?

      Communities change names for a host of different reasons - acquisitions, mergers, corporate rebranding, use case switches, etc. It's happening all the time - look no further than this community!


      Community managers and marketers spend hours swapping the old name out of every asset and replacing it with the new one  - modeling and reinforcing the behavior they want to see. However, getting users to adopt the new name is always the hardest part. It's like that nickname you received in elementary school that, despite your best efforts, stuck with you - sometimes it just won't go away, and forcing it doesn't do any good.


      I've worked with communities going through this challenge, and would love to hear what the JiveWorks community has to say-

      did your community go through a name change? How did you get users to adopt the new name?

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          Libby Taylor

          Miguel, you know we had an interesting experience with our name change... people seemed to naturally take to it. Maybe it was too many years of having a super generic name "Jive Community"  that when given an actual name like JiveWorks they are pretty happy to use it. My guess is that it might actually be harder if you have a really catchy name and you are switching to another catchy name. People might feel some attachment to a name that they have spent time building "the brand" of personally. I'm sure in those cases, you'd want to really explain the reason behind the name change so that people buy into the need for it. Then have some contests and give-aways with the new community name prominently featured.


          My guess is that unless there is a company acquisition or major brand change, a community name change might not happen very often.

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            We've had Jive for about 18 months, but have never given the community a name. We simply refer to it as the Jive intranet. However, as we're looking to increase usage, we've considered naming it. I look forward to hearing what experiences others have had.