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    where to update this URL found in login page template


      Hi, in this code snippet for the mixed mode registration/login page (  /template/global/include/login-macros.ftl), does anyone know where to update the URL referred to here:  id="sso-login-submit<#if previewMode>-disabled</#if>". Thank you for any guidance!


          <div id="split-auth-login-block" <#if !previewMode>style="display:none"</#if> class="j-box j-enhanced jive-box jive-box-form jive-standard-formblock-container jive-login-reg-formblock clearfix">

              <div class="jive-box-body jive-standard-formblock clearfix">

                  <div id="jive-split-auth-employeeblock" class="jive-split-auth">

                      <a href="#" id="sso-login-submit<#if previewMode>-disabled</#if>">

                          <strong>NRP Instructor Login</strong>

                          <p>If you are an NRP Instructor, log in here.</p>