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    Initial impressions

    jeffdmerrell Beginner

      Pretty cool!


      I really only have one might-need-work kind of feedback. It took me a little while to figure out what exactly I do IN the on-boarding class group vs. OUT in Jiveworks. And which I might do first, and why. For example: My eye went first to the content in the center of the page - which suggested introducing myself in JiveWorks. I only saw the introduce-yourself to the cohort group (top left column) after scanning around a lot.


      The sequence of weekly events and tasks is super cool. But it does take me right out into JiveWorks...I could see users wondering: so why this on-boarding group? (I see possibilities in your event schedule...which is also pretty cool). Bottom line what I am getting at is that the purpose of the group and how I get started IN the group doesn't smack me in the face right away. Maybe some "home and away" metaphor could help (home being the onboarding group, away being out in Jiveworks). When should I check in at home, vs wander away?


      I really do love the structure of the content and weekly tasks. Like the goal of checking in weekly - it's a stretch, but would be a tremendous habit to build. (And you could measure it, I suspect). In our call, you mentioned that you thought a lot of the content you need is already in existence. I now see what you mean - it's really good stuff.


      I could really see where this onboarding "home" could be used as a place to encourage people to ask what they consider stupid questions...and to constantly provide feedback about their own explorations and getting-to-know JiveWorks so you could tweak the onboarding experience.