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    Adding Tags to Discussions

    Toby Metcalf

      Good day everyone,

      I am looking for a best practice from everyone,

      As I understand, only the original poster and the Full Access Admin can add or edit tags; is this correct?

      Do any of you grant this ability to your moderators?

      Why or why not?

      Thank you.



        • Re: Adding Tags to Discussions

          I grant this access to space admins as well.  What I have seen in the past is that the user is hit or miss with regards to whether or not they even apply tags, then when they do, they are often not the terms I would normally associate with what others would use for searching on similar topic.


          For example.


          A user may enter a tag that says something like "number_slaves_supported_callback() usage", however, in reality most users would see this as "slave support callback", "slave support function" or "number slaves supported"


          Spotlight search is an amazing tool if tagging is applied correctly, so I don't want all of its power to reside in the hands of the user.

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