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    Option to create banner tile for News page




      I need some help here. I have been wanting to apply a banner tile for the news page for our internal Jive community. "You do have two options to add to that first horizontal area. A Banner Tile (you upload a picture, it stretches it across the screen) or an HTML Tile (you add your own custom HTML)." I have been looking for these option, however I couldn't find it. I have all tile formats only in the vertical area on the right side pane. We are on hosted Jive 8.0.3 version. Can someone help me with this option.


      At this point, since we are still using the widget overview page as the home page and have not made the news page as the home page.  Could this be a reason why we don't see the add a banner tile option.

      I also understand that only after I disable the above 'News' will become home page. Is the banner tile available only for cloud version. Please confirm.


      Gargi Basu Patty McEnaney Anoop Ramanujam