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    how to make a link in jive document open in a new tab


      Hello Everyone,


      We're on Jive 8 and use Jive document for many things.


      My question is that we often include links to knowledge articles to be shared with clients in a Jive document but whenever we click on the link, it opens up in the same tab. I'm trying to find a way that the link will open in a new tab.


      Here are the things that I've tried:

      - In the document, I've clicked on Toggle HTML Mode option so that the content in the document gets converted to HTML code and then under the <A> tag, I've included target="_blank" at the end of the URL.
      For eg:- <a href="Microsoft – Official Home Page " target="_blank">
      But it doesn't work.
      - I went through some of the discussions in Jive support and even tried removing 's' from https in the URL which should force the link to open in a new tab but still it doesn't work.


      I use HTML widget and whenever I've used target="_blank" at the end of the URL, it has always worked but it is not working in Jive document. I would be eager to know the responses on the thread.


      Thank you,