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    "Invalid DN syntax or naming violation" when using valid query


      Are there any issues with the logical AND and OR statements in conjunction with the User RDN filtering? We have an MS AD server that is providing the directory services, but I get a Jive Invalid DN Syntax error when trying to combine OU's to view. Here's an example:


      User RDN: OU=OU1 -- This works

      User RDN: OU=OU2 -- This works

      User RDN: (|(OU=OU1)(OU=OU2)) -- This doesn't work in Jive - but works fine in AD using the same query

      User RDN: (&(OU=OU1)(OU=OU2) -- This doesn't work in Jive either, but no errors are reported in AD when running.


      I know that the syntax is correct, as if I use a user in just the user filtering I have no errors:




      Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!