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    How to make clicking image display large version via API?


      If I create a document via the REST API (/api/core/v3/contents) and the contents contains an img tag, Jive will automatically make the image clickable, and clicking the image will display it in a modal within the page.  However, the image in the modal is the same image (same size) as what the img tag shows, so the feature isn't adding any value.


      If I create a document via the editor (not programmatically), I can insert an image and Jive will make the image clickable with the modal, where the image tag shows a smaller version and clicking it shows the full size image.  The catch is that img tag is not really showing a smaller version - the src points to the full size image and the img is just shrunken via width and height properties in a style tag to the smaller size.  (I don't like that too well because it wastes data transfer for users who do not click to view the full size image, particularly for mobile users.)


      So is there a way to tell Jive via the REST API that when it sets up the link/modal that it should display a specified different image in the modal?  So that the img src can point to the small version of the image but the modal will display the large version of it - which would be two distinct separate image files which I pre-sized before uploading.