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    JiveWorks videos not able to play in IE

    Donna Skoog

      I have tried to view some videos in JiveWorks and found that they are not working using IE. There is no option to "play". They are working in Chrome.


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          Hi Donna,


          I ran through some quick test using IE10/IE11 and the video found at Whiteboard Friday - Better survey design - however was able to view the content from my side:


          Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 7.26.16 AM.png


          Wondering if you were still seeing the behavior from your side? If so, I would suggest opening up a case in your customer group as a next step ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) so that a member of our support team can perform further investigations specific to your environment. When submitting the case, if you could provide the following information it should assist in narrowing down a possible cause:


          1. What version/s of IE are you seeing the behavior in?

          2. Are other users on your side seeing the behavior or does it appear to be limited to your machine?

          3. Is is occurring with all videos or are their specific ones where you see the issue?

          4. Are any on-screen errors/notifications appearing when browsing in IE (for example a pop-up blocker or similar)