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    JIVE Rewards: Are points and levels NOT in sync?


      Has anyone else noticed the following?


      Scenario 1

      User A has 485 points (he needs 15 more points to get to Level 3, which is 500 points)

      User B gives him a user badge (i.e "Thank You" PLUS an additional 50 points). Now User A has 535 points. (yay!)

      But, User A still shows that he's at Level 2, when in fact his points give the appearance that he should be ranked Level 3. (boo!)




      Scenario 2

      User A has 535 points and is a Level 3. Woo-hoo!

      Admin wants to revoke some points (for some hypothetical reason) and goes into the admin console (under "players"), finds User A and removes 50 points. (Boo!)

      User A now has 485 points, but is still at Level 3. (uhm?)




      Are we to assume that manually added/removed points (either by admin or by peer-to-peer bonuses) does NOT impact Levels?

      If so, why?


      Interestingly, I found that if a USER A completes a quest (or admin manually rewards USER A with a quest), then the points and levels match up, again.

      In short, I need a way to course-correct and/or Level-up people manually, if/when needed, without having to create a quest-workaround.


      Looking forward to your feedback!

      Christy Schoon