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    Li'l help with Admin Console - Who should see it?

    Frank Field

      Hi, gang... Happy 2017!


      So, before I start a case, I thought I'd ask here...  I am getting some members of my community telling me they see "admin console" as an option from the dropdown when they click their avatar.  That was not the case until recently.   I did have Jive re-set my gamification console, but I'm not aware that that should change the access to the ADMIN panel.


      So, searching here, I don't actually see a place that says what permissions provide access to the admin console. 

      Here are the most relevant items that turn up in my search:

      Admin Console Configuration Guide

      Admin Console Changes for Jive 5 (I'm on cloud, but figured I'd read this)

      And one old case I filed that I'd like to, but you can't read it anyway.


      So.... My assumption is that only site admins can see the admin panel. Plus people with an override.


      I've checked one particular member and she doesn't have an override and isn't a site admin.  Prior to a couple of days ago, she didn't see "admin console" in her dropdown as an option. 


      Thoughts?  Links? Ideas?