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    New Year - Do you have community resolutions/goals for 2017?


      Hope you all had a lovely holiday and Happy New Year to all!  I'm excited to be the JIVEWorks' Volunteer Community Manager for this quarter.


      Now that the holidays are over and we begin the year anew, I know that many of you have targets/goals for your internal community in 2017.


      Let's start the year off by sharing what those may be and develop suggestions on how those goals may be realized.  Feel free to share your community wish list for 2017 and beyond!


      If you have lessons learned from 2016 - I look forward to seeing these as well.

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          Libby Taylor

          Great question! Looking forward to hearing what other post about for their communities.

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            Yay Lea! Thanks for posting.


            I also work in our internal community, so I'll post my main goal for this year: Promote another community cleanup, helping everyone update their preferences, profiles and groups (and gamifying the process, of course!)

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                Thanks Sarah!


                I'm so glad you mentioned Community Cleanup - I feel it is essential to help grow the community, enhance the Search Performance/Results and re-awaken the users.  Although Cleanup should be part of routine maintenance - it's always a good idea to refresh the metrics/reports you use for defining what needs to be "weeded". 


                Here are my top 5 community "gardening" tips:

                1. Find groups that no longer have an active owner - ask "active" group participants to be the new owner.   The start of a new year is a great time to do this as people are looking for ways to grow in their careers and define their objectives and goals. 

                2. Find groups that are similar to consolidate - Work Better Together and encouraging a more collaborative setting by sharing with a larger audience.

                3. Re-start your Profile Completion campaign - a lot can change in a year - find those users who haven't updated their profile in a while and encourage them to update their profiles.

                4. Updating ideas - hopefully you have an Innovation area in your community - it may be time to update the status of the delivered ideas and promote visibility of the ideas that need another look.

                5. Unanswered questions - I have a rule - "No question goes unanswered."  If you have unanswered questions in your community - it's time to get them answered or find those that can answer them, let's also mark the answered questions, and sometimes it's ok to mark a question as "assumed answered" if it's been a while.


                I would love for you to share your community clean up tips and any reports that you run.




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                    Thanks for your tips, I'm actually brainstorming for the next cleanup so this is very helpful! I like the suggestion about the unanswered questions.


                    How I ran the clean up was to provide one small task per day for four days with a step-by-step guide on how to complete the task (especially useful for new users). For example, updating preferences based upon whether they use our community on their phone, computer or through email notifications. It's a very simple concept, but many people (myself included) rarely bother to go in and adjust preferences unless someone tells me to .


                    The tasks I had:


                    1) Clean up inbox/connections stream (follow / unfollow people and places)
                    2) Check preferences3) Update profile

                    4) Check groups


                    I tracked participation by having participants "sign" a doc after they were done and write down their department. At the end, all participants had their names submitted into a drawing to win a few giftcards. Their names were added once per day they participated (for a total of 4 days). To encourage departmental competition, everyone in the department with the highest participation rate had their name added into the drawing an extra time, received points and a special badge. One (small) department had 100% department the first three days

                    Mrs. Doubtfire was the mascot of the week, and here is the badge we used for the departmental winners:

                    Brewspace Cleanup Badge.png


                    Hope this helps!

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                  Dina Vekaria-Patel

                  Great question! We plan to increase our adoption this year. We've cleaned and maintained over the last 1-2 years, it's now time to get more colleagues using our community the way it was intended to be used.

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                      Dina - Happy New Year and increasing adoption is a great goal!


                      For increasing users:

                      You may want to think about networking!   Find your advocates in your existing users and let them send the message out.   It's really important to set a clear short term and long term strategy for adoption based on your community's core use cases - we don't want them just to use the community - we want them to find and bring value to the community.


                      For increasing adoption:

                      You should think of having the community be part of your user's way of life/working.  A good read for this is Charles Duhigg's "The Power of Habit".  Tips: Make make it easy to sign into the Community with SAML/SSO, make the community extremely easy to get to (first page when they open IE), put all the need to know info (HR benefits, Holiday Calendar, Employee Directory, Job Openings, free lunch signups, etc.) - only on the Community.


                      Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


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                      Yo Lea - Over here at Citi and for me, personally, I want to get above the admin fray, automate as much of that as possible (with either knowledge base documents or outsourcing to advocates) and focus up on strategy in getting our employees to feel empowered to lean even heavier on Collaborate (our Jive instance) through training tips, new user onboarding, peer to peer advice, an (even stronger) advocate program, etc. Too many ideas to count!

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                        Our main goals


                        Improve Search - We're looking at a multi-level strategy that we just got started with. Monitor the search usage over the last six months, see the trends in keyword searches, successful follow through of the results and based on that introduce more promoted search results. Cleanup the tags so that the relevant results bubble up. Content clean up- work with targeted group/content owners to clean up content - flush out unwanted content or use structured outcomes to better label the content.


                        Community pages setup - With the improved tiles performance and our internally developed custom tiles and add-ons, we're looking to help people setup groups to harness the features of the platform. A lot of groups are leaning towards the idea of visually representing the content better on the groups' landing page so that users get to their content easier and quicker. Here's a quick look at how one of our internal community's group is set up

                        XD new.jpg


                        Last but not the least, we're looking to increase the adoption of the platform. Promoting Jive Daily to make people stay connected on the go and not miss out on any important updates.



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