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    Who's looking forward to JiveWorld17?

    Libby Taylor

      For those of you who have attended JiveWorld in past years, you know that there is a lot to get ready for because there's always a ton going on.

         Keep your head on a swivel.


      Specifically, I'm wondering what are you looking forward to at JiveWorld17?


      For me, I'm looking forward to sharing the experience with my new community manager Sarah O'Meara who has no idea what to expect.

         Surprise, we have kittens at JiveWorld! Just kidding.


      I'm also looking forward to seeing many of my old friends and making some new friends as well.

         Group hug or headlock? You be the judge.


      And to top it all off, I am looking forward to learning new things because even those of us working at Jive have lots to learn!

         Sometimes running a community is like riding a bike.


      Let me know what you are looking forward to below!