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    Keyboard commands

    Helen Chen

      Looking at the commands listed in Core Help


      Are these commands browser specific?  I am trying to verify them in Chrome.  The numbered actions bring me to that number open tab in my Chrome browser:


      Ctrl-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, or -6Heading levels 1-6
      Ctrl-7Format as paragraph



      Do these work for anybody else?

        • Re: Keyboard commands

          Hi, Helen.


          I'm curious what OS you're doing this on. It's possible some of those shortcuts listed (same as they are on TinyMCE's site) intersect with some of your system-level or browser's chrome-level (as opposed to document-level) shortcuts.


          For example, on a Mac, the default behavior for Command+shift+3 and Command+shift+4 are for taking screenshots. Or in your case, Chrome is taking precedence for the shortcut behavior. That I'm aware of, unless you change the assignment of these keys for the behavior you're seeing, they cannot be overridden by the javascript driving TinyMCE (I couldn't get these commands for headlines to work for myeself on TinyMCE's demo site either):


          Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 14.04.48 .png


          That said, more common controls like command+b and +i for bold and italic, and command+z and +y for undo and redo, work.