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    Where do status level icons appear?

    Frank Field

      Another question today.. Boy, I'm either terrible at searching or just not finding these obscure questions...

      Where do status level icons appear?

      We updated our gamification console again this year and the them is "I'm with the band."  So, I edited each level to correspond to some role with a touring rock band...  Groupie, Roadie, Front of House, Stage manager, Bodyguard, Rock Star, to name some specific levels.

      And I decided it would be fun to swap out the level badges for something a little more "fun."  Instead of a circle in a square with a number inside, I grabbed something that sorta looks like the level...








      My question is:  Can people even see these anywhere besides the bottom of the page when they click their "notifications" number/inbox?  Here's the only place I find the images...

      see status level.PNG


      Sure they appear in my settings in the gamification console, but I wonder where members will see these.  I only ask because I sorta like "surprise and delight" types of things, and in my mind, these fall into that category.