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    Has anyone ever used Jive to generate a "Twitter wall" at an event?


      Our organization is new to Jive and everyone is very enthusiastic about finding new ways to use it.


      We have senior leadership conference in a few weeks at which we would like to display a "twitter wall" of live conversations from participants during the event. Rather than use twitter, I'm thinking about creating an unlisted private group (for confidentiality reasons) and inviting all the event participants. Content types in the group would be limited to discussion, questions, polls and ideas. The participants could post from Jive Daily.


      I'm wondering if anyone in the community could help me figure out the best way to display this on the "wall" of screens. I see two options:

      • Use the group's content RSS feed, but I'm not sure comments to content would be visible
      • Just show the group activity page in full screen mode, but it would require manual refreshing


      If anyone has any experience in this domain, I'd love to hear from you.