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    InboxEntry from /inbox missing jive.update property

    mitchell_ Novice

      I am writing an addon that does some inbox management and needs to be able to mark messages as read/unread. The issue i am having now is that an invitation is missing the jive.update property (has verb 'jive:applied' and url is the action endpoint which resolves to an activity with the verb 'jive:action:invitationNotification'). However it does have a jive.read property and can be marked read from the users inbox.


      I have a possible work around: The api the inbox uses is not the core api and i dont know if i should be using it. https://place.jiveon.com/__services/v2/rest/readtracking/-1805099612/1001/read

      where the two numbers are jive.objectType and jive.objectID. How would i even use this api anyway without having a seperate server to proxy coors requests.