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    Creating Actions




      I was wondering if I could get an opinion on a potential gamification mission I'm creating for our community managers.  I want to try and avoid manually assigning badges to users, but the summary of the mission is we have a group of trainers that have to go through vigorous courses and testing to earn their credentials.  We thought it would be neat to award them with a badge and some points once they earn their certification.  Doing this on hard mode would just be manually assigning each individual trainer a mission.  But the route I was trying to go is assigning members of a user group (not social group) this badge. 


      I know that the action: SocialGroupEvent-MEMBER_ADDED exists, but using Nitro's naming convention, is there something that exists or could be created for something like: UserGroupEvent-MEMBER_ADDED instead?  Thus, when one of our Community Managers adds someone to the user group for these credentialed trainers, it assigns them the badge?


      Thank you in advance for any help!