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    Change the landing page for a space


      Is there a way to change the landing page of a space so that it goes straight to subspaces, vs going to the activity page first?

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          Hi Chas Ochalek,


          While the option to set a subspace as the landing page of a place is not an option in the out of the box platform, there are a couple of options available if you are interested in this type of feature.


          Jive Cloud or Custom - If you are interested in seeing this type of feature available in a future release of the Jive platform, I would recommend submitting an idea to the Ideas for Jive space where out Product team pulls from top rated ideas when considering future feature enhancments.


          Jive Custom - For a Jive Custom instance, it might also be possible to implement this type of navigate through the use of either a custom theme for your instance or add-on/plugin. If you woudl like to scope out a potential custom option for your instance I would suggest either reaching out to your account manager or submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) where a member of our support team can assist in setting up an engagement with our Professional Service's team.