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    How to Sync AD Distribution Groups with Jive




      I am looking some information regards to sync Active Directory Distribution groups with Jive.


      In Jive SSO settings, we can map AD security groups to map with Jive. But how do we map Jive groups with this Distribution groups.


      If you can provide me some information, generally regarding,

      - AD Dynamic group mapping with Jive

             including nested AD groups.


      - AD Distribution group mapping with Jive.






      Cheryl Ragland Doug Woolley Chris Casteller

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          Hello Kiritharan Kanesapillai,


          Once the groups are created within Jive via the AD sync, they can be referenced and assigned permissions.  The permissions tab within the admin console has sub-tabs for Spaces, community admin (overall), Groups, Blogs, etc.  Also, moderation settings can also be set against groups (rather then individual users).


          The permission groups within Jive do not reflect any hiearchy or parent-child relationship.  Permissons against the Spaces within Jive however can be inherited and/or overridden on a per/space basis.




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              Hi Doug,


              Thank you for your prompt response.


              When i say Active Directory groups, I am referring to AD Distribution Groups not AD Security Groups.


              With AD security group, with SSO I believe we can map AD group (which already populated with users) with our IDP attribute name(CN), and during sync new groups will be created at Jive side.

              And if we have nested AD dynamic groups,

                         - are all these nested groups will sync back to Jive?

                         - are we able to see all these nested groups with users from Jive side?


              How about if we wanted to sync AD Distribution group with to Jive, is there any Jive OOTB sync feature available?

              I don't see any configuration setting under Jive SSO admin page.


              Few other clients have use custom script to sync these groups with Jive user groups.