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    Tailor (configure) Top and Trending?


      Hi everyone,


      my question is similar to this one: How can I hide a document from 'Top & Trending' stream? (but not exactly the same, so I ask it, hoping the answer might be different)


      My question is this:


      We have one very active Space that is also working with externalObjects (via Stream Integration). While being active is very good, it has a down-side... the activity going on there (and around this specific type of content being pushed into the Space via Stream) is completely taking over the "Top and Trending" stream. We don't see any other "normal" activity from other Groups/Spaces/Documents in Top & Trending.


      Is there a way to "tailor" or configure what is included in the "Top & Trending"? Ideally, we could exclude a Space/Group/Project from showing in Top & Trending. Or, a type of content could be excluded on a global basis (for all Groups).


      Either way - we don't want to lose Stream Integration (one key feature for that Space) but sadly it is hiding the other valuable activity going on in our community behind its overwhelmingly high number of content created/liked/commented.


      I have searched the community, but I couldn't find much, so if there's any "RTFM" you can point me to - I'd be happy


      Thanks very much,