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    Seeking Mentor (or Mentee) for Jive Knowledge Base discussion


      Hi. My name is Colum McAndrew, and I manage the Mimecast Knowledge Base. This is just one part of our Jive-x instance, but currently contains the majority of the community's content. The Knowledge Base is used by both an internal and external audience to get help on our products. We have approximately 700 internal and 30000 external users.


      I am looking for anyone who also uses Jive for their knowledge base / help content. We've been live for a year and have learnt a lot. However I feel that the way we are using Jive is dissimilar to a lot of other Jive users. Is this the case? I'd like to know. If not, then maybe we can share our experiences.

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          Jordan Dayton

          Hello Colum McAndrew!


          I'd love to connect with you as both/either a Mentor or Mentee! I think we could both learn a lot from each other ;-) I spent a few years working with the powerhouse community team @ Instructure and building/managing a couple Jive-x communities over there. I'm now working with another SaaS startup and we are outlining our strategy and plans for a community that we will be building.


          Feel free to DM me and let's make some time for a conversation!

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            Hi Colum McAndrew,

            I manage the Green Circle Community and we're also using Jive-X in somewhat unique ways as if functions as a customer community as well as an employee community.

            We have a highly leveraged "Product Forum" that we're promoting as the go-to-place to ask questions and have established governance in the sense that our Sales Engineers/or peers are answering the questions and we mark the outcomes accordingly. However, search functionality has tons of room for improvement. I would love to connect with you to exchange thoughts on how to organize / architecturally set up a knowledge base.




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                Hi franziska schwarzmann


                I've a technical writing background, and I've a strong background in knowledge base applications. So I'm a good person to connect with in this regard. We've built our external customer in Jive, which includes our Knowledge Base. Here's the thing though. Jive is not a strong knowledge base application. It does not have a lot of the bells and whistles that other applications have. I find it cumbersome, bug ridden, and clunky. That said, I'm used to using applications specifically designed for technical writing and knowledge bases. Jive can be useful within certain constraints. It all depends on what you want to do, and how.



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                Thanks for the link Matt Nevill.


                I've scanned through it, but will have a proper read later. It is good to know that others out there have a positive experience with their KBs in Jive. Our frustration is not so much with the end user experience, but with authoring and maintaining the content. The UI just doesn't have many of the rich feature set of other applications designed specifically for the purpose. Plus I (and others here) have raised a multitude of bugs, mostly related to functionality in tables, lists, and copy/paste.


                We've used an external Jive consultancy to provide us with some missing functionality, which itself can cause us problems. They are well versed in providing customized Jive solutions, but they suggest we are pushing the boundaries of what Jive can do. Whereas we believe we are only getting started. There is so much we want to achieve for our user community, but we are being held back.