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    Seeking mentor


      Include the following information about yourself to ensure you find a good match:

      • Name, Title, Company: Susanne Brands, Community Manager, Engage Dialog
      • Industry, # of employees: Consultancy, several communities with 1 to a 1000 employees.
      • Type of Jive community you have (internal, external, or both): internal
      • Topics you'd like to discuss: activiting a community with no plan, community members all around the world, incomplete community (not all employees have signed up yet) and limited time. They have launched their platform with just adding people, I have a few groups up and running, but I want to expand it more. I now find it very hard to get commitment from people.
      • Anything else you'd like to share with your partner: Also expierence with launching succesfull communities, that have a plan, so I'm also able to share some knowlegde and expierence as well! Also love to hear about how you put together pages and which tiles you use.
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          Though sound very complex. Still I want to give a try. Let me know if you are having any strategy in mind.


          Also suggest you to treat each of them as independent and mutually exclusive.

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              What I do now is work with the people that are already active in the community, and that they (hopefully) get other people active in the community be offering knowledge that they need.


              We have about 20 community managers, but half of them is not active as well. They got an asignment that they are responsible, but they don't seem to have the time or the interest in it.