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      I am working on ASUG's JIVE Governance to make our Community spaces more valuable to our members instead of a repository for documents. Can anyone share how they are approaching this within their communities?



      Christine Trinidad

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          Hi Christine Trinidad,


          At my Agency, we have a Governance group set up to deal with this very same issue! Together, over the first year of our Intranet experience, we had focused on getting the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the different departments become the focal point of information within their own spaces in JiveWorks. We are broken into 5 regions across the state (Massachusetts), so we had coordinated with our regions to have an administrator to cover each of the regional spaces on our Intranet (we call it Pulse). so those 5 regional admins respond to the governance groups decisions as well as anything else myself or the communications coordinator come up with.


          Our governance group decided on things like

          • What permissions should each space use
          • Community guidelines
          • Incorporation of a social media policy
          • How to go about creating and managing group spaces for users
          • Data management practices (i had to move everything from a 2003 SharePoint)


          and upcoming meetings will start addressing content and user auditing.


          Hope this helps!

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