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    Data backup & export / Note timestamping



      I have some questions I would appreciate your help with. Can you please:

      1. Advise if our tasks and associated notes are being backed up. If so, can you please clarify how are you doing it? We are saving a lot of data on Producteev and we are looking for comfort that they are safe and easily retrievable in case of fault.
      2. Advise how the data export issue shown in the attached screenshot can be fixed. The formatting of the csv file is broken in some cases, leading to task data being scattered across different rows.
      3. Advise why there are no timestamps for the task notes and how said timestamps can be added. They are available in Producteev, but they do not seem to be included in the export file. We need to know when notes were added, for recording and auditing purposes.






      Producteev task export.png