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    How do you manage Top & Trending?


      Hello Community Managers,


      having asked this question in support (and having received an answer also): Tailor (configure) Top and Trending? - I'd like to tap into your experience, if I may.


      How do you manage the following situation:


      1) You have more or less average user activity in all groups and spaces in your Jive community, except one.


      2) That specific group exceeds your expectation and users are really streaming into it, contributing a lot.


      As a result - activity from this community hugely dominates your Top & Trending. However, the other groups are not dead, they're just average - so all the good stuff that is done there is lost (from a Top & Trending perspective - since it never makes it to T&T, or if it does it isn't staying for long, because that one very active group flushes Top & Trending).



      If that scenario seems far-fetched or artificial... we have such a case where we have stream integration (a stream tile). Content is being pushed into that group via stream integration from an external source and users are actively liking and commenting that content. Also, the group is public for all (that's what this content is about).

      So, now you have one very active group with orders of magnitude more activity than all others. Bang.


      Your thoughts and comments are very welcome =)





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          Hi Markus:


          You mentioned

          Content is being pushed into that group via stream integration from an external source and users are actively liking and commenting that content.


          Can you provide additional details on this approach?  We're trying to find a way to push information into Jive from an external data source (Oracle DB) and can't seem to find a way to add externally generated information int a targeted stream.  A high-level example is a database that holds recent publications and a flag for a group that we know would be interested in it (Oncology).  We have a profile field for "Oncology" in Jive and want an alert pushed to users with that profile to alert them to a new publication that's been added to the external database that we believe they'd be interested in as a member of the Stream audience.


          Any chance you're dynamically pushing external content into a specific group, then pointing the stream to content activity in that group? 




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            Markus - are you using "News" as your home page for your community? If you don't have any custom, default news streams for everyone on that page, you're right that the Top and Trending tends to dominate that page. I find that if you create a default news stream for everyone that pulls in content from a variety of places, that gets mixed in very well with your other popular content so it doesn't seem so heavily skewed towards that one active place on the home page. Obviously that doesn't address the issue of what gets show in Top & Trending -- but it does mitigate the appearance.

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              I think we need to create an idea about configuration of Top & Trending - the algorithm needs to be able to be tweaked a bit.  I will vote it up




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                There's some really great feedback here! A few more quick thoughts... in the said group that receives the majority of activity, is it successful today, in terms of people being able to access it and find what they need? Or could it use improvement? If content is growing rapidly & the original categories are getting quite full, you may consider breaking it up into subspaces or projects, thus giving the content some more room to breathe, and divvying up the activity.


                Also - to Ruth's point - some custom News streams would help a LOT in terms of surfacing other content on your homepage.