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    How do you manage Top & Trending?


      Sorry for x-posting, but this affects internal and external communities likewise. So I have asked the exact same question here, but maybe there's different approaches by managers for internal and external communities....


      How do you manage Top & Trending?


      Hello Community Managers,


      having asked this question in support (and having received an answer also): Tailor (configure) Top and Trending? - I'd like to tap into your experience, if I may.


      How do you manage the following situation:


      1) You have more or less average user activity in all groups and spaces in your Jive community, except one.


      2) That specific group exceeds your expectation and users are really streaming into it, contributing a lot.


      As a result - activity from this community hugely dominates your Top & Trending. However, the other groups are not dead, they're just average - so all the good stuff that is done there is lost (from a Top & Trending perspective - since it never makes it to T&T, or if it does it isn't staying for long, because that one very active group flushes Top & Trending).



      If that scenario seems far-fetched or artificial... we have such a case where we have stream integration (a stream tile). Content is being pushed into that group via stream integration from an external source and users are actively liking and commenting that content. Also, the group is public for all (that's what this content is about).

      So, now you have one very active group with orders of magnitude more activity than all others. Bang.


      Your thoughts and comments are very welcome =)





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          Hope this helps.....


          We experienced (and possibly still do but I am no longer there) a wide spectrum from poor to average to above average. From all points of view, you really can't discount the overall. Executives and senior management are going to want to know the view at large. We would always highlight the above average to show-off what is successful and explain why --- there is always a good excuse to add this 1 extra slide to a presentation.


          Some additional thoughts I have include:


          • Consider changing average calculations from mean to median or even weighted. Either of these may show something more realistic.
          • Consider looking at what the above average are doing to see if there are any gems that could apply to the average or the poor. The results of this won't be instantaneous, but it could become a diamond in the rough in the longer term.
          • Consider looking at the poor to see if there are opportunities untapped or just not noticed. Like the above, a longer term effect but one that has potential.
          • Look at how you define activity and see if there is an opportunity to change the definition (and of course, don't do this just to make the numbers look better - this has to be a meaningful change!).
          • Look at activity to see if there is one or more components of the definition that may paint a different picture. You still can't dismiss the overall, but you could highlight this aspect and put the overall lower down.
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            Toby Metcalf

            Hi Markus,

            Are you taking any steps to drive traffic to those other groups?

            For example, find content that has a good amount of views, comments, bookmarks, etc and tweet it out with a url driving people to that discussion, blog, or video.

            Track your efforts via utm codes and learn which content your customers lover; maybe you just need to introduce the content to a new audience.