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    Finding 'Upload Library File' locations during UX widget installations?


      Hey everyone,


           I'm new to the installation of UX widgets, and went through the steps to set up Content Lookup. I'm stuck trying to find/define the library file locations noted in the below steps for setting up Bootstrap:


      • Expand the bootstrap distribution folder.
      • Expand the css folder.
      • Log into your Jive community.
      • Navigate to the upload location for your library files.
      • Create an Uploaded File. Drag the file "bootstrap.min.css" from your temp folder to the file section of the upload. Set the file name to "Bootstrap CSS Library", put a description of your choosing, tag it with something agreeable to your community manager, and other options such as setting authors for controlling updates. Make sure you are publishing it to the agreed upon Library location in your community. Click Publish.


      I've installed Jive 9 relatively recently on our server, and haven't made any major modifications just yet. Where is the appropriate directory from which to upload files to, and how do I navigate there upon logging in to Jive? Thanks so much!