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    Getting an error trying to send previews of system notification emails




      I am trying to preview the new message template header/footer we have and I am trying to send a test via the preview functionality on https://northwestern-v8.hosted.jivesoftware.com/admin/message-templates.jsp?action=edit&template=notification.direct.mes…


      Every time I try it throws back the following error:


      message template preview error.PNG


      Can you please look into this?




        • Re: Getting an error trying to send previews of system notification emails

          Hi Karl,


          Reviewing through your description, I have run through a couple of local tests in an 8.0.4 instance, however was able to send out test emails using the default templates:


          Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 7.09.43 AM.png


          As such, if you are seeing this behavior with the default templates in your instance I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) as a next step, where a member of our support team can assist with additional investigations specific to your instance.


          Additionally, if you are only seeing this behavior when utilizing custom message templates I would recommend either reaching out to the Jive Developers space here in the Jive Works community to collaborate with other developers on customizations you are interested in or engaging with our Professional Services (PS) team who can assist in developing customizations for your instance. If you are interested in a PS engagement, please either reach out to your account manager, or submit a case in your customer group.